Our new home between purchase and building privacy

We all know the importance of the home in our life, as it is our safe place that we have always dreamed of for years, then it became a reality before our eyes, in which souls settle and hearts and hearts are reassured. It is a haven that may take many of our ambitions and thinking, and even our health and stability often
Today in our accelerating world there are a lot of options for owning a new home, those options, including fast ones, whose results come out of what we expect, even after a while especially if it comes negative that does not meet our aspirations, and the options that may seem slow and somewhat difficult, but they will The results are commendable

When an individual traces and poses his usual questions to a group of people around him, regarding the issue of owning a new house, do these people prefer to buy a new house, or do they become anxious with the pre-planning to build that house, it may be somewhat surprising that the majority aspire to build not purchase, and he might say Someone said that buying is an easy and not exhausting process, and one does not enter into mazes that may not be handled with those working in the building and construction sector, but rather overnight and the house became "Amer for his family", especially those who have had severe experiences with landlords or multiple real estate owners. But the unexpected surprise is that the majority is the opposite, and here the reasons are unique in their presence and how they are specific

So the question that arises here is, why do I want to build my new house instead of buying it, the answer may come with many reasons that may cause the person seeking to build his house and under the direct supervision of it, and the first of these reasons is the public image that is generated in the imagination of the house of "life", Some see that every corner of the house seems to be an integral part of it, and it seems close to it, as the options are many and appear more surprising and attractive whenever the home owner seeks to work on it, starting with the place where he seeks to find a home for him, through designing that house and working on maps, and how Exploiting all the spaces that may be available to be an exploited part even after a period of time

Add to this the involvement of the life partner (wife) in choosing some details, such as the distribution of the rooms of the house and other basic accessories, for example, the locations of the kitchen and garden, the lobby, the children's play corner, and the garage, with careful selection of colors and their nature and distribute them also in the interior of the house And among the reasons that make us build a house, is a summary of the psychological suffering that may befall us in the future from the consequences of a house that was purchased without planning, including the increase in the value of the material house, which may reach 150% of the value of the house that was built, With those low-cost and quality tools in which the house was built, including cement, iron, and bricks, passing through tools and electrical connections, their quality, and their long-term effectiveness, as some call the prefabricated homes commercially, meaning their owner, only profit-based sale, The reasons are not many in this regard

Here we derive those points mentioned above through a referendum conducted by Al Madinah Cement Products Company, which is the leader in providing building and construction solutions in the Sultanate, where the emphasis on the option of building a house, in its accounts on Twitter and Instagram platforms, only the percentage of those willing to build has jumped against those who wish to Ownership through purchase, by more than 80%, and this is very important and we have to reconsider all that is provided for the consumer in terms of architecture and construction.
So we must say that careful planning has a great role in stability, even after a while, and what we discern from asking our questions regarding owning a home is that we find that the construction process is stable for many of them who want a house that has an independent character with their dreams, desires and stability as well.