About us

Established back in 2007, Al Madina Cement Products LLC started out as a company devoted to playing its role in the country›s focus on infrastructure development and economic growth. As a fully Omani owned company, the first responsibility of this corporation is to fulfill the shortage of excellent grade cement blocks in the thriving Smail region.

The company aims to fulfill its role efficiently by producing a diverse range of high-quality cement products including paving and cement blocks. Al Madina has committed employees, seasoned technical and managerial experts and innovative production line processes which help save time and cost without compromising the quality of its final product.


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Provide premium quality products which ensure the safety of the people. We wish to add value to our products by giving special attention to their aesthetic appeal and strength.

Meet the regional and Oman wide demand for cement products efficiently to facilitate infrastructure growth.

Invest in research and technology so we can foster innovation of our experts. This will provide us with a hotbed of viable ideas we can implement to provide superior value to our customers.