Interlock Fixing



- Because we care about the aesthetic of Your outdoor space, we decided to provide you with installation service -

Two-Years Warranty

Quality of interlock fixing, Interlock quality (fracture, salting).

Interlock Quality

Samples are randomly taken after each production process to test the strength and hardness of the interlock.

Quality of installation

Provide everything necessary to produce the service in high quality (materials and equipment)


Interlock Fixing in Oman

Are you tired of seeing a submerged driveway and decaying steps? We’re here to assist! For residents looking to rebuild and fix the stones around their house, Al Madina Cement Products LLC offers skilled pavers and interlock fixing in Oman. Our technicians will solve almost every issue and make you enjoy your pavers again, if you need maintenance for walkways, staircases, stairs, porches or interlock services.
Our highly trained staffs have considerable expertise in the area of fixing interlocks. The business seeks to provide competent and systemized services in order to promote the implementation of quality works within stipulated period with tight process supervision.

Interlock Price in Oman

In Oman, we are esteemed service suppliers. By using legitimate material, leading equipment and techniques of interlock fixing, we provide the excellent care. Our services satisfy customers’ every need without increasing their budget. So from next you do not need to get worried about high interlock price in Oman.
In our approach, we are responsive and versatile, with guidance on hand if appropriate. We apply high product and service requirements on all of our projects and can supply all project sizes. To show the best standard of our facilities, we have a restricted warranty on labour for 2 years.



– The price depends on location and space.

– Depends on contractor availability in the region

– No, you must buy Interlock to order installation service.

– Land settlement by contractor/customer

– Provide sand for Interlock fixing
– Interlock fixing
– Compaction the surface of the Interlock incorrect way using the passing machine and the appropriate sand.

– Any clause not mentioned in this contract, for example, leveling the land, leveling the sewage covers and doors with interlock, or any work related to water pipes or electricity.

-Quality of interlock fixing.
-Interlock quality (fracture, efflorescence) For two years.
-Interlock color is not included in the warranty.
-The warranty does not cover failures resulting from misuse.

-Because the quality of the interlock fixing is very important

180 m

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